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Gentle and skilled counseling to help you through the hard times….

Are you afraid your relationship is in danger?

Does life have you stressed, depressed, disappointed?

Discover how easy and affordable it is to get back what you have lost:  call 479 883-5492 for information or an appointment with  Dr. Tom MacMahon, an experienced Licensed Professional Counselor–with proven results!   Thomas natural photo 12-16

Do you feel apprehensive about counseling?  You will feel at ease in the relaxed atmosphere of Dr.Tom’s sessions.  He has helped many people to find lasting peace and harmony, and he can help you too.   He brings a Christian perspective to his professional counseling skills, and is known for his gentleness and insight.  Credentials

 “I didn’t think our marriage could be saved, but after a few months meeting with Dr.Tom, we got a handle on our problems, and found again the feelings we had lost.  We are very appreciative of all the patience and skill we found in Dr.Tom.” –Manager of a large department store, Arkansas  More reviews

Save money with low rates.     Affordable rates  

 Call Carolyn  for information or to schedule your confidential appointment today.    479 883-5492   (Or email from the secure form at the bottom of the page.)

Peace and harmony ARE possible! 

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“We were going to get a divorce, but decided to give counseling a try before giving up.  We love Dr.Tom; he is such a patient and caring counselor!  After just a few weeks we were really seeing a difference, and now we are excited about each other again.  He gave us back our marriage.”  — K & P, Ft. Smith, AR

 Sessions are by appointment only at beautiful Willowbrook Retreat Center, at Mena, Arkansas, daytime and evening.  map and directions to Mena ACC Willowbrook

Just 2 miles from downtown Mena

Just 2 miles from downtown Mena

*Dr.Tom is licensed to do Distance Counseling (Skype or phone); first session is preferably in the office unless distance prevents it. 

Professional help is just a phone call away:  call Carolyn at 479 883-5492 for information or to set up an appointment, or email questions for a quick reply with form below.   For answers to costs and other frequently asked questions, click here.  

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