Real success stories

Read what others have said, and know that you also can find hope and help.  If you are sincere in wanting change, and are willing to do what it takes, Dr.Tom can help you too.

The first time I met Dr.Tom, I was going through a period of crisis in my marriage.  I had gone to his office reluctantly.  My wife and I were separated and headed for a divorce….My wife was the one who insisted I talk to Dr.Tom.  Much to my surprise, I discovered a kind, compassionate man who truly cared about my suffering.”    –S.G, Fort Smith.  (Now happily reunited with his wife, they have a daughter, and he has gone into full-time ministry.)

“Dr.Tom is wonderful.  He helped me so much, I can’t tell you.”   –K.J. Fort Smith.   (She and her husband were contemplating separation, after years of troubled marriage.  They are now happy and reunited.)
“I didn’t think our marriage could be saved, but after a few months meeting with Dr.Tom, we got a handle on our problems, and found again the feelings we had lost.  We are very appreciative of all the patience and skill we found in Dr.Tom.”  (–Manager of a large department store, Fort Smith)
Our marriage was all but lost.  We were living apart and could hardly be together without fighting.  Dr.Tom showed us how to open up our communication, and we discovered how God can help us to build a solid relationship.  We are happy now, and pleased to say our two little girls  have a mommy and daddy  who love each other.  Thanks, Dr.Tom!”  (local business owner, Fort Smith)

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